The Link Between Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Although depression is often considered to be a ‘low energy’ state, the opposite is usually true.

Inside, depression is usually accompanied by a lot of anxiety. This can lead to them having panic attacks, as shown in stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

Recent research by the psychologist Joe Griffin has made clear the link between anxiety and depression for the first time.

Although it has been known for some time that people with depression also often suffer with anxiety disorders, the exact link mechanism has not been known.

Now, we know precisely the brain process involved.

Briefly, when anxiety causes you to ruminate (to think in a way that causes you to feel anxious), you generate the need to ‘dream out’ the arousal during REM sleep.

It has been known since the 1960’s that depressed people dream up to 3 times as much as non-depressed people.

This then leads to exhaustion upon waking, a problem often reported by depressed people. As their hormonal system and brain recover during the day, they start to feel better.

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Of course, having high anxiety or panic attacks can itself be a depressing thing. Any lack of control within our lives can contribute to depression. You might like to do the free panic attacks course to understand how you can get control over panic attacks.

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