Thank you for the panic attacks tutorials

I would just like to thank you for the panic attacks tutorials you have sent me. I have found them very helpful, especially the the 7:11 breathing! I have suffered anxiety and panic attacks for many years, since I was about 12...I'm 28 now. Although not even my close family or friends know this. You could say on and off most of my adult life. However, it wasn't until a few years ago I actually found out what was wrong with me. For years I thought I had something seriously wrong with me to feel the way I did and suffer panic attacks. Scared to tell anyone incase they put me in the first bus to the mental institute....which infract only made me feel worse and give me more attacks! I had to find this out myself, mostly online! It's such a relief to know other people suffer/have suffered from this horrible disorder and to know that I'm not NUTS! As I have read in other people's stories from your website, visiting my GP usually results in them offering me anti-depressants, which to this day still haven't taken! It's not very comforting to sit down and tell your doctor that its got that bad that I'm having panic attacks thinking about having another panic attack! Which I have since learned is The fear of the fear. Only for the GP to offer your pills and tell you they won't actually start working for a few weeks but you may feel slightly worse from the side effects until they kick in! NO THANKS! I was feeling anxious enough! I'm so thankful there is sites like yours online that people can actually help themselves. This site alone has helped me more than any doctor has and if anybody I come across in life suffering anxiety or panic attacks I will be sure to pass the information I have learned from your site on. I will keep the tutorials you have sent me and will refer back to them whenever I need reminded. It's a slow process, but I am starting to feel better each day. Once again, thank you for the advice in your tutorials.

This story came from Theresa , Stirling, Scotland

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