I had a bit of a panic relapse

Hi, I am just getting in touch to let you know that I ordered the cassette for the Panic Prevention Programme about 4 months ago and it has really been beneficial to me. After visiting a hypnotherapist a few times in the past started me on the road to recovery after suffering badly for 5 years, I had a bit of a relapse, which climaxed in a panic attack during the middle of being hypnotised. Therefore I was not keen to go back as my cure which I had been so confident in seemed no longer effective. However, after I was recommended this cassette, despite ups and downs, I have really come a long way and your work to put this together is really appreciated. The ability to choose when and where you want to have a session, in the privacy of your own home for example is great. My daily life seems far more tolerable and now I can enjoy things (or just simply do things) that previously I felt were no longer possible. Thank you!

This story came from Andy , London, England

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