My life has really turned around in the last few months

Dear Mr Tyrrell, I was not sure as to who to address my feedback to on your Panic Prevention Programme. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Uncommon Knowledge Team. My life has really turned around in the last few months as Panic Attacks had slowly crept up and overshadowed a large portion of my life- how large I didn't realise until I managed to effectively rid myself of them. I do get the occasional dreaded feeling of Panic rising up but I am fairly well equipped to calm myself fairly quickly. At first I was, as most people are, embarrassed about my Panic attacks and I suffered them in silence, not even telling my partner. "I...was due a nervous breakdown at any time" This worked for a while but the attacks got more and more frequent and more and more intense up to the point where I thought I was losing my mind and was due a nervous breakdown at any time. I realised something had to be done as it was effecting both my personal and business life. I sat at work one day suffering from a particularly nasty attack and I searched the internet and found your site, I did the Panic programme and read some testimonials- I bought a book on the basis of Victoria's case study (Stop Thinking: Start Living) but found this a bit too focused on depression and I felt my problems lay elsewhere, I was not depressed. "I would recommend the CD to anyone" To cut a long story short I am very glad I came across your website that day and I would recommend the CD to anyone. Thanks once again

This story came from Tobias Monk , London, United Kingdom

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