...made a terrific impact on my panic attacks...

First of all I must thank you. I have tried all sorts of things to try and help these panic attacks which I have had for years only now and again in times of stress in the past. Then they started big time when after a long illness of my dad with cancer. Me and mam nursed him at home and the nurses did what was called the pathway to death. Where they up and up the doses of morphine till they eventually die. Sounds harsh but his cancer was so severe." "The trauma did not hit me until after and I went to a friend's funeral and had a massive panic attack." "The doctors have been unable to help me. But your guidance has already made a terrific impact and I am already started to be able to control them. It is unreal what you have been able to achieve and I can never thank you enough. I shall over a period of time let you know of my continuing progress. I shall definitely be buying the C.D as soon as I have the money. Thank you once again and I have been telling People of your brilliant work and address of the people I know in similar situations. You must be really proud of what you can do to help change other peoples lives and help them be able to live a real life again.

This story came from Anon , Northumerland, UK

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