I'm so grateful that you have helped me

I started to have panic attacks as a result of helping my ex-partner through a psychotic episode. Thankfully he got to hospital and received treatment, but I found out after the event that he had experienced suicidal/homicidal thoughts and I think on some level I sensed that. I carried on with my life for a year and then met someone else and got married. Once I was married, I started to have panic attacks. I eventually learned to overcome them with the help of my family and some alternative therapies.

I downloaded your course to see whether it was something I could recommend, whether it chimed with my own experiences and if the advice was sound. I found your course so helpful in understanding what happened to me as it has always baffled me that I only started to panic once I was safe and loved, which seemed so wrong and made the start of our marriage unnecessarily stressful and confusing. Because of what I have learned from your course I can see now that living with another man as his wife reminded me of my former relationship and triggered the panic.

It is so good to finally understand exactly what was going on in my brain and body. I no longer feel that my body let me down by panicking for no reason. If I had had your course to help me back then, I believe I would been better able to deal with this episode in my life. I am so impressed that you offer this information freely. I'm so grateful that you have helped me to not only feel I have put something to rest but that I have the knowledge I need to never be fearful of panic again.

This story came from Kim , Location not specified

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