I began to panic, I had to get out

"I had recently being going through a very stressful time with family life and, on a trip to a historic monument which involved visiting a very dark crowded tomb, I began to panic, I had to get out. I thought that I could not beathe, was suffocating, and was going to die. My heart was pounding in my chest. I ran outside and the feelings gradually began to subside." "I start feeling panicky on buses, trains, anywhere I could not escape immediately" "However in the days and months after that I gradually began to generalise the anxious feeling and started feeling panicky on buses, trains, anywhere I felt I could not escape immediately and would have a panic attack quickly. I went on a trip to the UK, panicked on the plane, in a car and the underground. I hated every minute and could not wait to get home." "It was affecting my everyday life" "Before I knew it I started panicking in meetings at work and it was effecting my everyday life. I went to my doctor and he prescribed Lexotan, very strong relation medication for my problem. I travelled to America on holiday and hated every minute because I was either panicking or afraid I would panic. I had to stand close to exits in shops and would actively avoid crowds. I felt dilapidated. I was at my wits end and could not fight it anymore, and I felt I was no longer in control, my fear and panic ruled my life." "I felt taking pills didn't help" "I felt taking pills didn't help, they provided short-term relief to a long term problem, which I felt was mainly psychological. I went looking on the internet I found the panic attack website and read the testimonials and thought I would try out the audio CD." "I listened to the CD once and realised all I believed about panic attacks was wrong" "I listened to the CD [Panic Prevention Program] once and realised that all I believed about panic attacks was wrong - instead of fighting each attack I should accept it, fighting it only made it worse. I learnt the breathing techniques to control and relax my mind and heart rate and the CD challenged my beliefs about panic-attacks, their origins, effects and purpose." "I have not suffered one panic attack since" "I have been to the UK and America 3 times since I got the CD and used the breathing techniques whenever I felt a little anxious, and with my changed beliefs I have not suffered 1 panic attack since. I have remained in full control and learned to accept a little anxiety as a normal feeling not a prelude to a full blown panic attack." "I am forever grateful" "I have gotten control of my life back, I have even become more confident in my everyday life knowing I can live normally again. I now look forward to my trips away, not dread them for weeks before, like I used to. I would have never thought this possible before. Thank you so very much. I am forever grateful."

This story came from Michael , Dublin, Ireland

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