Do you know? I downloaded all of the programme, read it...

Do you know? I downloaded all of the progamme, read it in one go, which worried me a little because I had no idea on the timings of such progress. The following day I had a high profile meeting in Brussels. So early drive; early flight no breakfast; huge queues at Birmingham passport control; heat; ultra-violet lighting; full of tourists (all happy and jolly - they were off on their hols); heavy laptop and hand luggage; you can imagine the situation... When I got to Brussels (eventually) the plane was late, the conference had already started; the room was full and I had to go straight on stage to give a presentation on a very technical project idea that had no real focus! I kept telling it I am in control (in my head of course) and ended up giving one of the most delightful presentations, which is a change as giving presentations usually brings on a major panic and I genuinely believe I will faint in the middle, low self-esteem is my usual excuse for this panic. I was then asked to Chair a Brainstorm session because the majority of the audience were very keen to progress my project idea further and wanted a specific debate on the issues I had raised earlier. I think I would call that a success! So, thank you very, very much and I am so pleased with the speed in which you can take control this. As well as taking control, my confidence has also increased dramatically.

This story came from Gabrielle , Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK

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