Constant anxiety and panic attacks before I found this website

I was in a deep state of constant anxiety and Panic attacks before I found this website, to the point I couldn't even talk or acknowledge it for fear of it.. I then decided I was "bored" of these feelings and via a Google search I found your website.

After reading even for a few minutes I felt better. All my beliefs had been quashed. I thought the best route to fix was to ignore them and eject myself from the situation that made me panic. How wrong I was. Since I have accepted it and kept myself in the situation when I feel the anxiety, this has helped no end. I don't fear it now and am feeling much better.

I think I suffer the emotional hijacking more than anything, as when I am busy there is no issue. But when I am left alone with my thoughts whether it be driving alone or anywhere on my own I would let my thoughts run wild with silly irrational scenarios!!

I ordered and received the Audio CD which I will listen to, and if it continues to help like the help your site has already given me then I am quid's in..

This story came from Adam , Norfolk, UK

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