I have strongly recommended this panic program

I found this course very helpful and you have answered all of my questions. I have put these techniques into practice and have already had a significant improvement. I have strongly reccomended this panic prevention program to others who suffer similar. Thank you very very much for your help you have eased a great burden.


Panic attacks course very helpful

Hi there. I have found the course you’ve sent through email very helpful. I’ve suffered with panic attacks for 10 years and thought I knew all there is to know about them but I’ve learnt so much more through the course you’ve sent me. I’m very, very grateful to you and all the time and effort you’ve spent doing this for me. Thank you so much


I have a better understanding of what is happening

"Hi, just an email to let you know how useful I have found this website and to thank you for the free panic attacks course, it has been invaluable.? I couldn't believe how much better I felt after reading the information in the tutorials and now feel I have a better understanding of what is happening and what can be done to control and even stop them. I am so pleased someone has taken the time to create your website as for me it has helped no end.? Many thanks"


Nothing has worked as well as your tutorial program

"I'm a nineteen year old girl who has just recently been forced to drop out of university following a severe episode of depression and panic attacks. I've been to the doctors and have been given anxiety pills but nothing has worked as well as your tutorial program! It's really helped me to understand whats been going on with my body and how I can respond to them!


The breathing techniques seem to help

"Just a wee note to say a huge thank you for your help in the treatment of panic attacks/anxiety.? I've found your emails really interesting and helpful.? As someone whose "attacks " seem to come and go I've found the breathing techniques seem to help & I hope I can work them into my daily life. Once again a huge thanks to you & your team"


Without the panic tutorial I don't know where I would be right at the moment...

Without the tutorial I don't know where I would be right at the moment - certainly I know I would not be able to drive my car and lead a relatively normal life again. I have been off work for 5 weeks and am returning with more confidence after reading your tutorial. I cannot thank you enough.


Panic Attacks: 'The doctors could not help me but you did'

Your course has cured me. I am now able to stop the attacks happening. I have not had any attacks since the 13th August 02.


Without the panic attacks course I wasn't alive - now I feel 99%

Your course and the cd are excellent. I also suffer from feeling sick when I'm in stressful situations or when bad thoughts enter my head.


Do you know? I downloaded all of the programme, read it...

Do you know? I downloaded all of the progamme, read it in one go, which worried me a little because I had no idea on the timings of such progress. The following day I had a high profile meeting in Brussels. So early drive; early flight no breakfast; huge queues at Birmingham passport control; heat; ultra-violet lighting; full of tourists (all happy and jolly - they were off on their hols); heavy laptop and hand luggage; you can imagine the situation...


Nothing helped me as much as your panic attacks CD

Your CD helped me more in half an hour than all these other sessions put together.