...made a terrific impact on my panic attacks...

First of all I must thank you. I have tried all sorts of things to try and help these panic attacks which I have had for years only now and again in times of stress in the past.


Thank you for the panic attacks course

Thank you so much for this course. You have presented it in such an easy to understand manner and timed the gaps in- between emails to give the right timing to digest each tutorial.


I had the WORST panic attack ever

Thank you - I had the WORST panic attack, ever, today and your advice has made me feel much better (normal) already. I'm a trainee yoga teacher with not much to stress about and so I was feeling like I really was losing it.... thank you so much.


Great panic advice and tips...

I just wanted to let you know that your tutorials helped me deal with panic attacks 4 years ago and I got over them.


The relaxation techniques helped me a lot...

I would really like to thank you for giving people (and me) the possibility to understand that when we have panic attacks there is a way out.


Many thanks for your sound invaluable help

Being a sufferer of mainly panic and anxiety for longer than 20 years I now know with the advice given I will end this spiral of misery.


My life has really turned around in the last few months

I was due a nervous breakdown any day...


I began to panic, I had to get out

I start feeling panicky on buses, trains, anywhere I could not escape immediately...


they are literally a life saver and make so much sense...

"I just wanted to let you know that I have brought the Panic Prevention and the Confidence Trainer CD's and they are both really helping with the management of my panic disorder, they are literally a life saver and make so much sense."

"I used to think that there was no hope and that I was going mad but these CD's help me realise that there is another explanation and that other people suffer like I do."


Nothing helped me as much as your panic attacks CD

Your CD helped me more in half an hour than all these other sessions put together.