It's crazy, because I sometimes think to myself, "This situation would normally cause me to be in full-blown panic mode - but I'm not. I'm okay and it's amazing!

I just wanted to thank you for what you do. Panic/anxiety disorder tends to run in my family and mine developed later in life. I have been suffering...


I'm so grateful that you have helped me

I started to have panic attacks as a result of helping my ex-partner through a psychotic episode. Thankfully he got to hospital and received treatment, but I found out after the event that he had experienced suicidal/homicidal thoughts and I think on some level I sensed that. I carried on with my life for a year and then met someone else and got married. Once I was married, I started to have panic attacks.


As I see it, hypnosis is the fastest way to get into the panic affected brain

Thank you Mark, I have had a spontaneous recovery after using the hypnosis program. No more panic, no more fear ...


Thank you for being interested in people with panic attacks

Thank you for being interested in people with panic attacks. I've been suffering from them for years. Your tutorials were helpful. I tried the 7:11 method and it worked somehow.


Optimistic about the panic attacks program

I do feel very optimistic about the panic attacks program and I understand it. The AWARE technique is worthwhile having and I practised it at the weekend while I was out and it helped me feel calm. The panic audio programme is refreshing and makes perfect sense, I will let you know how things develop.


Thanks for the panic attacks course

For me the 7/11 breathing works and I can stop a full blown panic attack by this method.


Thank you for the panic attack emails

Thank you for the panic attack emails. They helped me pass my driving test, 4th time lucky. I feel a lot more confident in myself and I controlled and held my nerve on the day of the test from your techniques. After 3 failures because of nerves and panicking when things started to go slightly wrong.


I've been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety...

I never really understood what was happening to me when I was having an attack but now I do...


With your advice I really am doing very well now

I followed your instructions in the emails on panic attacs and how to deal with them. It really did work...


Constant anxiety and panic attacks before I found this website

I was in a deep state of constant anxiety and Panic attacks before I found this website, to the point I couldn't even talk or acknowledge it for fear of it...