"The breathing techniques seem to help"

"Just a wee note to say a huge thank you for your help in the treatment of panic attacks/anxiety.? I've found your emails really interesting and helpful.? As someone whose "attacks " seem to come and go I've found the breathing techniques seem to help & I hope I can work them into my daily life. Once again a huge thanks to you & your team"


"Panic Attacks: 'The doctors could not help me but you did'"

Your course has cured me. I am now able to stop the attacks happening. I have not had any attacks since the 13th August 02.


"Without the panic tutorial I don't know where I would be right at the moment..."

Without the tutorial I don't know where I would be right at the moment - certainly I know I would not be able to drive my car and lead a relatively normal life again. I have been off work for 5 weeks and am returning with more confidence after reading your tutorial. I cannot thank you enough.


"Thank you for being interested in people with panic attacks"

Thank you for being interested in people with panic attacks. I've been suffering from them for years. Your tutorials were helpful. I tried the 7:11 method and it worked somehow.


"Optimistic about the panic attacks program"

I do feel very optimistic about the panic attacks program and I understand it. The AWARE technique is worthwhile having and I practised it at the weekend while I was out and it helped me feel calm. The panic audio programme is refreshing and makes perfect sense, I will let you know how things develop.


"Thanks for the panic attacks course"

For me the 7/11 breathing works and I can stop a full blown panic attack by this method.


"Thank you for the panic attack emails"

Thank you for the panic attack emails. They helped me pass my driving test, 4th time lucky. I feel a lot more confident in myself and I controlled and held my nerve on the day of the test from your techniques. After 3 failures because of nerves and panicking when things started to go slightly wrong.


"I've been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety..."

I never really understood what was happening to me when I was having an attack but now I do...


"With your advice I really am doing very well now"

I followed your instructions in the emails on panic attacs and how to deal with them. It really did work...


"Constant anxiety and panic attacks before I found this website"

I was in a deep state of constant anxiety and Panic attacks before I found this website, to the point I couldn't even talk or acknowledge it for fear of it...