Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder Resources

Some other sites that provide help for those suffering from panic attacks and panic disorder.

AnxietyPanicHub - The Anxiety Panic Hub provides information,resources and world wide support for people who experience panic attacks, an anxiety disorder and agoraphobia

Anxiety Australia - Anxiety disorder help, information and psychologist list.

No Panic - Voluntary, UK-based, national charity whose aims are to aid the relief and rehabilitation of those people suffering from Panic Attacks, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, and other related Anxiety Disorders.

Season of Peace - “Overcoming anxiety, panic attacks, and crippling fear through faith.”

taPIr - The anxiety panic internet resource. Provides information, a newsletter and bulletin board for sufferers.

WSHG - Wallsend Self Help Group - UK based self help group offering advice and support for those with Anxiety, Depression, OCD and other stress and phobia related problems.

Diseases Explained - Section on panic attacks within the ‘Diseases Explained’ site.

Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director Uncommon Knowledge

Mark Tyrrell is a Director of Uncommon Knowledge and has been training therapists for over 15 years.


"Yesterday I received the CD I ordered on "Stop Panic attacks". The CD is great. It allowed me to go into deep relaxation . It is definitely the best I have on relaxation. The background info is very interesting as well. Excellent work!"

Jane Denton, London, UK


I was in a deep state of constant anxiety and Panic attacks before I found this website, to the point I couldn't even talk or acknowledge it for fear...


"...truly amazing!"

" I would just like to let you know that I received your CD: 'Panic Prevention Program'. "

"Though I have only listened to the CD for a week I thought I should let you know how very helpful it has been to me. Theinformation on the first side is very reassuring. I learn something new every time I listen to it."

"The hypnotic relaxation session was like no other relaxation CD I have ever tried. A deep relaxation that leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed for hours - truly amazing!"

"Surprisingly - today I was shopping in a medium store (where I would usually begin to feel trapped and panicky) and all of a sudden I felt as calm as before I had my first panic attack and agoraphobia - it was amazing and I hope it keeps up."

Thank you, Mary.

Mary Goodrow,
Rochester, Michigan USA