Beat Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder with the Comprehensive Panic Prevention Audio Program

The Panic Prevention Program is a 70 minute audio program designed to help you get rid of panic attacks. In addition to a wealth of information about panic attacks, you will find:

  • An AWARE card to detach and carry around with you, to use in case of anxiety or panic attacks.
  • A lead-through of 7:11 breathing, the best way to relax quickly and so thwart panic attacks.
  • A long, refreshing deep relaxation session to re-educate your unconscious mind about when it is really appropriate to use the flight-or-fight response. (For a fuller explanation of this, see the free panic attacks and panic disorder course.) This session will also help 'slacken the trip-wire' of your panic response.
  • Reassuring information on the physiology of panic attacks to enable you to regain control over the situation.
  • The facts about panic attacks and panic disorder so you can make informed decisions about your course of action.
  • Proven cognitive (how you think) and behavioural (what you do) approaches for panic disorder.
  • Many more vital techniques and exercises extracted from many years' work with panic disorder sufferers.

Our Guarantee

We realise that it is difficult to create a 'one size fits all' approach to panic attacks. However, this audio program comes from years of experience treating panic attacks and incorporates ALL the things that we have found help people with panic attacks most often.

If you find that the program is not for you, return it within 90 days and we will happily refund you. We want you to get over your panic attacks. If our way isn't the way for you, then no problem, but we think it may be...


How To Order

To order the Panic Attack Prevention Program Audio online, click the button below. The Program is $35 USD and comes on CD, wherever in the World you live.

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director Uncommon Knowledge

Mark Tyrrell is a Director of Uncommon Knowledge and has been training therapists for over 15 years.


"Yesterday I received the CD I ordered on "Stop Panic attacks". The CD is great. It allowed me to go into deep relaxation . It is definitely the best I have on relaxation. The background info is very interesting as well. Excellent work!"

Jane Denton, London, UK


Your CD helped me more in half an hour than all these other sessions put together.


"...truly amazing!"

" I would just like to let you know that I received your CD: 'Panic Prevention Program'. "

"Though I have only listened to the CD for a week I thought I should let you know how very helpful it has been to me. Theinformation on the first side is very reassuring. I learn something new every time I listen to it."

"The hypnotic relaxation session was like no other relaxation CD I have ever tried. A deep relaxation that leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed for hours - truly amazing!"

"Surprisingly - today I was shopping in a medium store (where I would usually begin to feel trapped and panicky) and all of a sudden I felt as calm as before I had my first panic attack and agoraphobia - it was amazing and I hope it keeps up."

Thank you, Mary.

Mary Goodrow,
Rochester, Michigan USA