Part 7: Summary of Panic Attacks Program

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Here is a quick list of all the techniques and suggestions within the program. If you have not yet read through the whole Panic Attacks Course, please do so now. It will help you much more than the summary alone.

Skills, Tips and Techniques for Getting Rid of Panic Attacks

  1. Understanding How Panic Attacks Work removes part of the anxiety
  2. Exercise - lowers overall stress levels.
  3. Cognitive techniques - looking at Beliefs that can Fuel Panic Attacks
  4. 7:11 breathing - forces the body to relax
  5. Hyperventilation beaters - Holding your breath, breathing into a bag, exerting yourself
  6. What happens in the brain during a panic attack
  7. Reducing anxiety levels by scaling
  8. AWARE technique
  9. Why some Panic Attacks need to be de-conditioned
  10. The Panic Prevention Audio Program
  11. More Self Help Articles for anxiety and panic
  12. If you have not done so yet, please consider having a look at our audio program. Many people have found it extremely helpful, as you will see by the comments around the site and on the audio program page.

    Mark Tyrrell
    Creative Director Uncommon Knowledge

    Mark Tyrrell is a Director of Uncommon Knowledge and has been training therapists for over 15 years.


    "I felt a lot more confident"

    "I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Tutorials that you sent me. They have explained a hell of a lot to me, I know I can over come my panics. After reading your tutorial I had a much better weekend and I felt a lot more confident. So thank you very much, you have been very helpful and I am also going to order the audio CD...”

    Kind regards,
    Lisa Dale


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