Panic Attacks Online Course Index

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Part 1: What is a panic attack?
  • The Fight or Flight Response (or Panic Attack!)
  • The Panic Attack : Faster Than the Speed of Thought
  • What happens during a panic attack?
Part 2: Why do we have panic attacks?
  • Panic Attacks and their Place in the Modern World
  • The 'Trip-wire' of Panic
  • The Unconscious Mind is a Quick Learner
  • Deconditioning Panic
  • Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks
  • Calming Things Down
Part 3: The Core Beliefs that Fuel Anxiety and Panic Attack
  • Panic Thought 1: I might die from a heart attack
  • Panic Thought 2: I might die from suffocation
  • Panic Thought 3: I'm having a stroke
  • Panic Thought 4: I'm going to faint
  • Panic Thought 5: I'm having a nervous breakdown, or going 'crazy'
  • Panic Thought 6: Losing control
  • Panic Thought 7: Feeling so weak that you cannot move or might fall down
  • Panic Thought 8: Believing that you are going to be embarrassed or humiliated.
Part 4: Panic attack symptoms - Hyperventilation (over-breathing)
  • Some symptoms of hyperventilation and panic
  • Getting Rid of Hyperventilation
  • The 7:11 Breathing Pattern - the opposite of hyperventilating
Part 6: Other Techniques for Getting Rid of Panic Attacks
  • Scaling Panic Attacks Down
  • Be AWARE of Panic Attacks
  • The Next Step
Part 7: Summary of Panic Attacks Program
  • Skills, Tips and Techniques for Getting Rid of Panic Attacks

Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director Uncommon Knowledge

Mark Tyrrell is a Director of Uncommon Knowledge and has been training therapists for over 15 years.


"I felt a lot more confident"

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Tutorials that you sent me. They have explained a hell of a lot to me, I know I can over come my panics. After reading your tutorial I had a much better weekend and I felt a lot more confident. So thank you very much, you have been very helpful and I am also going to order the audio CD...”

Kind regards,
Lisa Dale


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